Reputation Consulting is a new division of Neo Target. We are well equipped to help build and “take care of” your character to facilitate your reputation which will as a result “take care of itself”. While products and services will constantly need to adapt and change, what will NOT change is the consumer’s desire to support those companies that are trusted, respected and seen to be providing responsible solutions. That makes a company’s reputation its primary value position. And establishing, managing and safeguarding that reputation becomes the key success. Once one’s reputation goes up, the chances of winning a bid or charging a higher fee for a service goes up as well.


Effective, strong corporate reputation management is crucial in sustainable, successful business. Neo Target is, therefore, fully equipped to support Thailand’s large enterprises and SMEs to successfully compete at the ASEAN level, with its sustainable Reputation Management service model.


Reputation management is based on the concept of sustainable development. Its fundamentality is to utilise managing tools of “Communication for brand and reputation building”, comprising 3Ps: Performance, People and Planet. The result is organisations’ status and standing in the following six dimensions: -

  • Corporate Value
  • Management Value
  • Human Value
  • Product and Service
  • Financial Performance
  • Social Accountability


To guarantee the development of pragmatic, impactful tools that successfully distinguish organisations, Neo Target conducted workshops with leading academics, communicators, business executives and experts in various fields for valuable inputs on sustainable organisational management. via in-depth interviews with executives in ten various industries, including finance, real estate, communication, food and agriculture, energy, construction, service, health, transportation and automobile.

Which organisations require Reputation Management?

All types of organisations, large enterprises and SMEs, that aim to strengthen and enrich their reputation based on intrinsic organisational management.


Brand / Reputation Discovery

Detailed analysis and assessment of your company’s current reputation amongst stakeholders to determine your repu-score of tangible and intangible factors that affect your reputation.

Stakeholders Diagnosis

In-depth evaluation of the behaviours, interests and experiences of your multiple target audiences and the method and channels through which each receives its information in order to effectively share your message.

Reputation Building & Strategy Development

Develop a strategic direction and master road map of successful activities to create an enduring brand reputation for your company’s sustainability.

Internal Culture / Employees Engagement

Develop consistency guidelines to cultivate an understanding of the company’s core values amongst your employees and share messages associated with your brand via effective channels to encourage employee interest and engagement.